Introduction to This Website

What this site is, and how to use it.

The original idea was to have a regular group discussion about doing scientific data analysis using computing tools like R. R is a very powerful tool for running a multitude of statistical tests. It can also produce stunning graphics and can integrate with a number of other computer languages (Python, LaTeX) and can be used to produce scientific reports and articles (knitr, sweave, etc.).

This page is both a place for interesting posts about R and other computer languages in plain language that is accessible for graduate and undergraduate students trying to learn how to run statistical tests or expand their analytical horizons.

Features of this website

  1. It is an site to post interesting articles about R or other scientific programs
  2. Provides a forum for discussion about R, statistics, scientific writing, and graphics
  3. Provide links to other scientific computing resources (books, websites, tutorials).
  4. Link to R scripts, templates, videos, and other original content that students can use to run their own statistical analysis.
Posted on Nov 11
Written by Matthew J. Lundquist

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