Biol 483N/597: Biostats with R

Overview of the lab and homework due in Biol 483N/597, Binghamton University

This is the first blog post directly related to my duties as a teaching assistant for Biol 483N/597 during Spring 2016 at Binghamton University.

As this is a site that I hope will eventually grow into a useful tool for students in biology and biostatistics, I thought it might be good to include some of the lessons that I have developed (many modified from Dr. William Stein's Biologist's Analytical Toolkit) to introduce students to R and to using statistics with R to design experiments and to analyze their own data. My goal is to provide as many basic resources as I can to give students the foundation to develop their own projects that hopefully go beyond my own ability (which may not be that hard to do).

I have organize the laboratory materials on a GitHub repository. I like the ability to use GitHub to clearly lay out projects and expectations using the files. If students have a GitHub account, they can watch for updates that I may push to the repository from time to time. They can even fork the entire repository if they want.

The major expectations for this lab this semester are:

  1. Use statistical tools to effectively analyze many different types of data
  2. Effectively communicate and justify their methods and results
  3. Create a workable and detailed portfolio of statistical methods using R (in for the form of *.r scripts)

I plan on giving the students the material they need to fulfill these expectations both in the repository and here on this website.

This should be a fun and challenging process and I will keep an updated blog as best as I can, especially as interesting topics come up during the course of the lab sessions.

Posted on Jan 28
Written by Matthew J. Lundquist

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