Local and Governmental Groups

Outreach is an extremely important part of being a good scientist. As a graduate student I had the opportunity to work with local agencies and groups like the Michigan Mosquito Control Association, the Upper Susquehanna River Coalition, and the Sierra Club. As a Visiting Assistant Professor at Marymount Manhattan College, I plan on continuing to make outreach a part of my research program.

Ask a Scientist

The local Binghamton newspaper, The Press & Sun collects questions submitted by local grade school kids about science and health and asks faculty and graduate students at Binghamton University and SUNY Broome to answer those questions. It is a great way to engage with local kids and potentially get them interested in science.

Pam Lovejoy, as a graduate student at Binghamton, answered this question a sixth grader asked about gray hair.

I answered about how water freezes .

Student Outreach

The Biology Education Network (BEN) is a collaboration of students and faculty with the goal of doing outreach programs and increasing scientific communication between university scientists and the general public. Check out their website!

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