Getting to know your RStudio Server instance

What is RStudio Server?


RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE for short) created by Posit for both the R and Python programming languages and GitHub code hosting. R and Python are used by statisticians and data scientists to manage and analyze data. Git repositories, which can be hosted on GitHub, is used for code version control, hosting, and collaboration.

R, Python, git, and RStudio are all free for personal and educational use and can be run on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms.

RStudio Server

RStudio Server is a version of RStudio that is hosted by one computer and accessible from any other computer on the network. We are using RStudio server in class to ensure consistent experience for each student.

Tutorial here

How to access personal RStudio instance

Your professor will provide you with a form with three pieces of information. The first is the IP address and the specific port for your RStudio Server instance*

Step 1: Navigate to your instance at

Step 2: Log in

You should be greeted with “Sign in to RStudio” and enter your username and unique password in the corresponding boxes. Your username and password will be provided on day one of the course.

Step 3: Success!

Say hello to your own personal instance of RStudio Server! Now it is time to have some fun…

*If you are interested, this instance of RStudio Server is hosted as a Docker container. Docker is a virtualization technology that is also used heavily in data science, IT, and other tech fields.

Installing RStudio at home

Since making this video, the company that makes RStudio has rebranded itself as Posit.