First day of class

Get to know the course and your computer

Step 1: Read the syllabus and explore course website

The syllabus holds the keys to your success in this course. Read it thoroughly and take note of dates, assignments, office hours, and class policies.

Step 2: Check out GitHub (the second course website)

The bulk of the material for the course is stored on GitHub. You can use commands in RStudio to “Pull” content from the course repository right in your own R workspace. We will be using this a lot in the coming weeks…

…so you are going to get really good at it!

Step 3: Check out your personal RStudio instance

When we work on campus, you will have access to your own instance of RStudio Server in three easy steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your unique username (provided at the beginning of the semester)
  3. Your unique password (provided at the beginning of the semester)

Follow the link for more information:

Step 4: Write your first .Rmd (RMarkdown) file

RMarkdown is a file format to produce a sort of “R notebook” that can be exported as reports in a number of other common file formats (.docx, .pdf, .html).

All assignments will be submitted as .html reports exported from .Rmd files. We will work through creating and editing .Rmd files.