Education research projects

Hybrid in-person/remote lab model

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we needed to develop a creative way of providing both a fulfilling learning experience in laboratories while also following CDC guidelines and respecting student comfort levels. To do this, we developed a model in which students elected to attend labs in-person or remote. We held labs live, with in-person and remote students working as lab partners to try to provide the best of both worlds. We then assessed student learning outcomes and student perceptions of their learning.

Water scarcity and human rights in India

The Thar Desert on the northwester border of India, is the most densely populated desert ecosystem in the world and water scarcity is a large issue. Through survey data collected from village residents in the Thar Desert, we mapped the village watershed and located water sources throughout the area. This data was used in coordination with demographic information to examine the relationship between social standing and water scarcity.